Sunday, October 3, 2010

Moving Home

It's official! We're moving this site to WordPress as we now have our own domain name plus I know more on the formatting of WordPress. The Gold Coast Group has under gone a slight name change due to registration of domain names. We'll now be going by The Gold Coast Creative. Hopefully we can expand our members beyond Painters and Photographers.

Site's under construction and if you're from the Coast and like to get involved, drop us an email at

You'll find us at

Monday, September 27, 2010

The ProPixWorkShop - Gold Coast

Chelsea was patient enough standing in front of the camera while a few of us Photographer's took our turns at learning how to light using a Soft-Box at Greenmount Beach. The wind was up and conditions were cool though she stood their and posed for us for a couple of hours.

This was my first real attempt at shooting a Model and the Lighting advice from Che and Stu of ProPixWorkShops helped tremendously in achieving a decent result. I took along my cheap Yongnuo YN-460 and YN-468 Speedlites plus my remote triggers and borrowed the Soft-Box for these shots. They're a cheap way to get into Off Camera Lighting but one day I'll invest in some more powerful speedlites.


I'm now looking forward to my next opportunity of pursuing this style of Photography
and have already received notice of interest if a course was scheduled for Brisbane.
I'll keep the Gold Coast RedBubble group up to date with any announcements I here from ProPixWorkShops and hopefully have  some more Photographers learning how to light.

For a larger view of the images click on them and follow the link to RedBubble. For more information about the ProPixWorkShops, please check out their website.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Swell Sculpture Festival

The Swell Sculpture Festival is on again at Currumbin Beach, and this post has been removed with the threat of Legal Action from displaying Photography of Sculptures and offering them for sale. It's a legal minefield out there and if you start digging into the Laws you see you need a Lawyer to work out the Jargon.

So, 2011 we'll not mention the Swell Festival.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Burleigh Heads , the waves, surfing and sunrise and sunsets feature in the Photography of Rhonda's "Beautiful Burleigh" 2011 Calendar. Calendars available to purchase from redbubble.

Beautiful Burleigh

To view more of RhondaR's works and to view the entire calendar, visit her redbubble portfolio

A Small Sample


Just a Small Sample of the Art and Photography from the 
Gold Coast group members