Friday, September 18, 2009

Paul Manning - Featured Artist of The Gold Coast Group

This week’s featured artist is Paul Manning who is the Photographer and Curator of "The Perfect Wave Galley". Living at Rainbow Bay, it’s easy to see why Paul Manning is inspired by the ocean and world class waves that break in his back yard.

Thanks d_rec – I’m honoured by the feature and really appreciate it!

You moved up to Gold Coast’s Rainbow Bay from Maroubra, NSW in 2006, How do you find the beaches at Rainbow Bay compared to where you lived?

To be really honest I love waves everywhere – they’re all pretty special just be able to get out and be part of nature. Maroubra was great, especially as the sun was setting, the way the beach faced meant the setting sun would reflect off the face of the wave – magic stuff and the rocks at the north end enabled me to get in nice and close… this is one of my favourite images captured at Maroubra:

Perfect Wave 2

That said you’ve gotta love the waves a Snapper Rocks, Rainbow Bay and Duranbah, no matter what the conditions there are sensational waves on offer, the sky is clear, the water is blue, the surfing is great, Duranbah sunrises rock and Snapper sunsets are stunning, it takes time to get to know a place and all the angles and what the waves do. We love living at Rainbow Bay and to be able to get out and photograph it is the best! this has got to be one of my favourite images, captured behind the rocks at Snapper Rocks…


The other thing I love about living hear is being able to get in the water and capture the waves year round ~ just brilliant! This image was captured last weekend (September 09).

Appreciating Life

Juggling work, family commitments must cut into your photographic time. Does having a son getting into the sport of surfing allow you more time shooting in and around the water?

Work sure tends to cut into photo time, there have been many a day when I’ve had to drive away from a cracking surf thinking ohhh man… but hey you’ve got to pay the bills. I’m fortunate that my eldest son (12) loves surfing and there is little better than getting out in the water with him. He doesn’t need my help as much these days so I get plenty of chance to create my images swimming with him! He also loves me taking pictures of him surfing and I take photos for the Snapper Rock Boardriders ~ photo time and surfing kinda go hand in hand! This is pic of Josh carving out a huge bottom turn!

Dream Big

From your gallery, which image stands out as the one that you can recall vividly?

I was out swimming one Friday afternoon relaxing at the end of the week when one of the local guys flew past ~ I called it Letting Loose, I love this image!

Letting Loose

Personal preference – in amongst the waves shooting or on the land looking out to sea?

It’s gotta be in the water, you can’t beat it, feeling the water all around you, the sun shining, the waves pounding, your heart racing (at the thought of those things with big teeth), the dolphins swimming by… once the salt gets in your blood there’s no going back!

Sunday Afternoon

You live near a collection of world class breaks, what is your favourite beach to shoot and why?

Mate, I’ve got to be honest, I love them all, if there’s a wave its all good! I am kind fond of D’bah and it sunrises though, check this one out…

Duranbah Sunrise

and D’bah has been known to attract some of the world’s better surfers (this is Mick Fanning)...

Putting On A Show - 2

Thank you Paul for taking the time to answer these questions and (I know I do) look forward to seeing more of your work.

It’s my pleasure and thanks again, especially to everybody who honors me by viewing my work, I hate them being locked up on my hard drive and love sharing the magic of the waves!

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  1. Well done Paul, top collection of work in your portfolio.
    Follow the links to either The Perfect Wave Gallery or check out more of Paul Mannings work at his Redbubble Profile